Adobo- Easy to Cook Filipino Stew Recipe

Adobo is the name of well known dish on filipino cuisine. It involves stewing of pork ,chicken or sometimes seafood with a sauce of vinegar and soy sauce. It become a daily recipe in typical Filipino home because of the simplicity for cooking process and the availability of ingredient on every local market. Aside from different meat that being used vegetable are being used also as an alternate main ingredient, there might be some changes with cooking procedure between meat and vegetable adobo due to the characteristic of the ingredient but the ingredient is almost the same. Filipinos has a lot of different method for cooking adobo, We always want to be creative and improve the recipe the we always love, some might prefer the recipe to be spicy, sweet, with a sauce or dry. People might prefer adobo with coconut cream for extra flavor and other people just like me prefer adding catsup.

Adobo also helps to preserve food due to its soy sauce and vinegar ingredient that polong the recipe shelf- life, with adobo you don't have to refrigerate any left over and it is easy to recycle, it is the primary reason for being popular food for any outing and for campers. If you want to try our very own Filipino adobo recipe, heres how I cook. Ingredient for Adobo Chicken with Pork ?? kg Chicken, cut into serving size?? kg Pork (preferably liempo), cut into serving pieces?? tbsp ground pepper cornBay leaves?? cup vinegar?? cup soy sauce?? cup of waterVetsin (optional)5 tbsp minced garlic How to Cook Adobo: Cut and wash chicken and pork, drain by using strainer to remove excess water.

Marinate with soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf, minced garlic, vetsin, ground peppercorn for few minute. Cook meat with marinate using a pan, add ?? cup of water while continuously until sauces reduce ?? in volume. Served adobo with hot steamy rice. Optional:Let then sauce dry completely until the meat secrete its own oil or add coconut milk while continuously cooking until it render its own oil, add chilli to make adobo hot. Adobo recipe is good for busy mother as the cooking time only takes between 25-30 minute that makes it a perfect school lunch for kids. You should try adobo now and discover the reason that makes adodo as one of the most favorite Filipino recipe of all time.