Easy Recipes – Classic Enchiladas

This is another post in my easy recipes series, aimed at new students who are leaving home and suddenly find themselves having never cooked a real meal before. If you're keeping up with my other articles, you should be able to cook for yourself at least a couple of nights a week by now, and you should have realized how fun it is to cook for yourself, and how much better the food can be compared to the rubbish pre-made stuff they sell at the store. Well, today I'd like to add another easy recipe to rapidly growing arsenal of awesomely tasty food with which to impress your new university buddies and potential female interests! Today we're going to head to Mexico and make a simple and easy basic Enchilada.

An Enchilada to you or I is basically a corn tortilla wrapped around some fillings, with cream on the top and baked. The Enchiladas traditionally sold by street vendors in Mexico though are actually just plain tortillas, dipped in sauce and eaten without fillings! Don't worry though, we'll be making the tastier and altogether more filling kind that are wrapped around something. Here's what you'll need to serve about 2 people, and as ever I implore to try this out yourself before attempting to woo a date with it… Ingredients: 1 skinless chicken breast 1 package of tortillas 1 cup of cream 1 cup of mushrooms 1 garlic clove 1 tbsp of butter 100g grated cheese Instructions: Place the chicken in some boiling water with the garlic and a little salt. Simmer it for 45 to 55 minutes.

It should be really soft by now, so after draining the water, shred the chicken using your fingers. Next, melt the butter in the pan then add the chicken, the cream, and after a little while the mushrooms. Stir everything for 7 minutes and set some of the mix aside. Finally, spoon some of the chicken mix onto the tortillas, wrap them and close them with a toothpick. Put them in a dish suitable for baking, scatter the grated cheese on top, and bake them on medium heat for about 20 minutes. Personally, I suggest serving them with a nice little salad on the side, so hurry up and make one while they're baking. If you think those were tasty, wait till you try all the other enchilada recipes here. Also, check back to my author page for some more in the easy recipes series. Together, we will show the girls that guys can be awesome cooks too!