How to Prepare a Truffle Meal

Once you have purchased a truffle, one of the rarest and most delicious delicacies in the whole world, chances are you might have overestimated your ability to cook it. Preparing a truffle is not an altogether easy process. It's highly likely that you have also paid a considerable sum of money to access one of these rare treats and since the flavor of truffles decreases very quickly once it has been harvested, it's essential to begin cooking it as soon as you can. The white truffle season runs from September to December, while the black truffle season is December to March, so truffles must be enjoyed as soon as possible.

You can keep truffles for around two weeks longer than they usually last by freezing them in a tightly sealed container like a glass jar. When you are ready to begin cooking the truffle, first remove any soil from it by washing with fresh water and gently brushing them. Be careful not to lose any of the truffles while doing this. It must be very clean, as it will be eaten unpeeled and it's not a pleasant sight for your guests to see their meal covered in bits of earth. The best way to serve truffles is to grate or slice them on the top of an existing meal, or into a sauce or soup just before serving. It is best to do this by using a specifically designed truffle slicer implement.

Truffles should not be cooked, as the heat will compromise the flavor and aroma. If you feel the meal needs a little extra kick but don't want to damage the taste, try adding cream and cheese sauces which soak up the flavor. Great meals to add truffles to include souffles, omelets, risottos, pasta dishes, and recipes based around fish or chicken. If you fancy being extra creative you can whip up some truffle butter by adding a finely grated fresh truffle to a packet of unsalted fresh butter. Truffle butter is excellent when served on bread, crackers, bagels, or even on a baked potato. If you still feel there is something lacking in the truffle flavor, you can always add some truffle cooking oil into the concoction. Truffle oils are designed to taste like real truffle so you needn't worry about an unnatural flavor overwhelming your meal.