Vegetarian Indian Food – Health is Wealth

India - A Population of Vegans India is predominantly a Land of Vegetarianism, where a majority of the population is vegetarian. Indians, since the ancient times, are vegetarian by nature since they feel savings of lives of animals would mitigate their sins. While there are a large number of people especially in the Northern States and parts of Southern States who are non-vegetarians and have preferences for non-vegetarian food, yet several states mainly Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana are considered to be strict vegetarians. Vegetarian Indian Food is by far the most delicious and sumptuous food consumed by vegetarians. There is a large variety of Indian vegetarian food consists of several Indian vegetarian dishes that are mouthwatering as well as the aroma emanating from the food is totally mesmerizing.

Indian vegetarian food spells good health and a sense of well-being for many of the vegetarians and healthy vegetarian foods are the norm of the day. Delhi - The Sprawling Metropolis Delhi as the capital city is also home for the millions of migrant population that have made the city as their home. The migrant population comprises of people from Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, parts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and the list is endless. Indian cuisine place Delhi is clearly a reflection of the tastes of the people whose preference remains for Simple Vegetarian Recipes. There is a plethora of restaurants spread all over the city that serve only vegetarian food. Vegetarian recipes are easy to prepare as they do not need much time and their ingredients are easily available in the market.

Vegetarians delight themselves in relishing delectable Indian vegetarian food which has been collated in varied methods along with the choicest spices to cook tasty and healthy meals simultaneously. A Satisfying Meal The vegetarian food for dinner usually is a satiating meal that has sweetened lime juice or vegetable soup accompanied by papad as starters followed by the main course meal which includes lentils, a dry seasonal vegetable, thick potato or any other vegetable curry, curd or yoghurt with vegetables along with chappatis or rotis, that are commonly known as wheat cakes or fried wheat cakes in oil known as puris. A delectable dessert could be either a sweetmeat like rassagullas or gulab jamuns or an ice cream with a flavor of an individual's choice. The variety is endless and most Indian cuisines. Indian vegetarian meals are generally prepared in low fat oil and are therefore light on the stomach and are easily digestible.